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Persona Alice

This is the tale of a faraway world.
There lived a girl who had been
cursed by a witch to bring death
to those she saw.
After being cursed, she lived every
day in gloom and loneliness.
She had not met her parents
or friends in years.
However, there was but ONE PERSON
to keep her company.
Her own reflection in the water.


The surface of the water
makes a looking-glass
showed a blue-eyed
mask of a face
asunken ighthouse
faintly wavering
Anda a mysterious voice

No one knows anything of me,
I don't know anything of anyone
The clock's hands strike
and flio upside down

Anda there is no reply
No one heard

And i see no one
coming to join me
wa do 4a p\M
it is in all of my dreams
chasea rabbit and fall down a hole
And meet the girl

upside-down Flipped
On the water's surface that face
somehow seems... so sad

Blue floating a bell
on a ballon in the fading
oil-paint colors
A broken frog turned to stone
And someone laughed or so it seemed
It's not sad So, hey
This balloon gives me
Such a good feekung!
And then I saw it
A figure on the water
I asked the question
"Is it really true?"

The tears reach
the branches
at the bottoms
And from somewhere
there's the bright sound of bells

wa do 4a p\M
He was very busy,
but laughing
The one eagerly looking
at his watch while runnung around
The rabbits

Who is that crying?
On the water's surface
seeing that face
I uselessly, softly...
-"Why do you cry?"
-"Because you're there."
-"I shouldn't be here?"
-"Yes, so disppear."
-"I din't like you."
-"I'll go with you."
-"I hate you!"
-"Please, we two should stay separeted."

You said thoughtless words
I laughed. The face sneered
Though I didn't know a thing
or had at least forgotten
Into the dark surface of the water,
I set foot
The face spoke with a voice of delight.
"¡HELLO!, ¡HELLO!, I've been waiting!"
The waves shouted and laughed
I was grabbed by a warm hand
The face and I were separated
In the warmth, I tried to search for the light
I saw nothing...
-"Hey... is this the base of a lighthouse?"
-"It's very dark.. but somehow comfroting."
-"Your eyes..."

It was a very beautiful thing
From the terrible trial, the one
waking up was the girl.
No more
Sunk with the lighthouse to
the bottom of the sea
Seen in dreams
Distorted colors
And all shapes
For what I has lost,
I took this hand
in- all- its- warmth
ran row zee la ge ryu ji la
It's flipped upside-down
The image on the surface of the water
Perhaps... It's just me

Perhaops she had a long, long dream.
Or perhaps she is yet in a dream.
She let one tear upon the water,
and walked along a puzzling road.

Letra añadida por: Otakuelx (#11.543)

Vocaloid 2
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