Spank Me Baby Letra y Canción

The Adicts

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SPANK ME BABY es una canción de The Adicts del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Life Goes On.


'Spank Me Baby'

Spank me baby oh yeh'
I got a song its in my head
It's been in there since I got out of bed
I'm in the car on the motorway
The crazy thing won't go away
I really like the way it sounds
Makes me wanna, jump up and down
You will want to sing along
Oh yeh' oh no, hey!!!
Are you ready for this song
Oh yeh' oh no, so you can sing along
Hit it sing it, I really kind of dig it
Rock it don't knock it
Spank me baby oh yeh'
Now you've got it how does it feel
It doesn't have to be so real
It's just a game, just a bit of fun
It's a song for every one
Mardi gra, carnival Christmas time, festival
April fools, day of the dead, happy birthday
October fest