Amsa Crew

Part Of Barbajo

Hey girls get a lot rush,
The towers I think that the bush fire,
crush! coca, fanta what do you think?
are giving companies money to whores,
To begin creating addictions that's the truth,
They do this through publicity whore,
do you understand by the United States,
hey! silver is being man Bill Gates,
We entered another stage John Foos,
Nike sapping face grabs you and will cover an empty place,
In your workplace you made a mess,
peep of chickens when they are cold,
You ask him silver to your uncles,
Your friends will praise your clothes go well,
Two weeks passed no longer fashionable,
You went to the bar you took a few drinks,
If! now you have not you wear clothes that are just bad soda,
From f***, now go through mc Donals litter,
To eat potatoes, you must be a good son but I fixed
You spend lots of money and there is no riddle.
You have the same clothes that you like Beyonce then,
The romance hopefully not get tired, you have only eleven,
Do not smoke so much smoke that you have cancer,
You must be a good daughter!,
After school one dose of cock.
Javier everywhere yesterday
Now you have the habit of taking,
Haber. Now the mine is angry and had to cut,
Made him an offer he could not refuse,
But before he could finish no record.

Part Of Nbido

It Nbido. It Nbido and Barbajo,
I attacked on the bus,
Downstairs, you're frightened bird.
Or are you worthy of being so, tell me your sign so you get sick,
Achoo! The leo's are better hate flowers for their colors,
And its smells lyric helps me to think "In ti -
What nonsense I am saying if love is not for-me -
I never met him nor do I intend to find,
Are you looking for? V triple double porn, porn dot com ar point,
Queres "link? "Seeking to build? issues against me
Come into my myspace and started writing,
Comments that neither I. understand,
Several experiments gangster threatened me,
They tell you and the shit doggor,
To light the lamps that illuminate the sun,
-Coming Nbido killed by gunshot to the heart,
Fashion reporting in newspapers,
For parents fools,
They think their children are better as they are all equal,
opened the door and closed his eyes,
Surprise! you are pregnant your first craving,
-Light-'s your husband does not have another job to fill,
The dregs of the past, the new era the new century,
Listen and repeat say what I say without interrupting,
Why are you being served the prettiest? ,
The girls are bothering you and you can not watch the games on Sunday!
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