Gerardo Ortiz

Letra de la canción

Send him a message and did not answer
will not want to go ami side
continues with the story that I forgot
of us who stay in the past
you already have one.
that is an entrepreneur
changed my kisses by cars of the year.

I am guilty of what happened
want a pretext to finish
esque you do not know what happened for me
thinking of my penalties clutch sensamientos
is impossible as tolerated
I wipe all that contempt
tears to hide incredible
what do I miss ...

remember everything so softy emotions
and fell into the trap of their atrasiones
if you were mine at all times
ps was only part of your passing times
were so many doubts

a puzzle for many lies
longer door ayas
now I acobijo with sadness
although I remember missing a piece
I realized is that
You do not know that for my thinking apasado

sentences clutch my feelings
tolerated esque is impossible as all that contempt
I wipe the tears to hide
AMAZING what you've echo0 ....

author: gerardo ortiz.

Letra añadida por: melijo

Gerardo Ortiz

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