Britannia High

Letra de la canción

Don’t give up on us, never, ever
Yeah yeeaah x3

Did you see her? Stepping out the Ferrari?
She thinks she’s the life and soul of the party
Did you see her? Dressed in Versace?
Acting like the bomb but she lookin’ so nasty

We used to hang together, she used to roll with us
Now she’s on another planet, she doesn’t understand it

You need to get over yourself, get over yourself
Come back down to earth
Get over yourself, get over yourself
Get out before your hurt

Did you see it? Her picture in the paper?
Caught up in the hype, darling do yourself a favour
Don’t believe it (don’t believe it), get some sugar from your neigbours
She’s gonna come down baby sooner or later



Hey x4

Don’t give up (wooh) on us, never (yeeaah), ever

Get over it
(Yeah yeeaah)
Get over it
(Yeah yeeaah)
Get over it
Get over it

[Chorus] (Get over it x8)

Get over it x2

Letra añadida por: aldii15

Britannia High
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