Brother de Tha Blue Herb

Brother Letra

Tha Blue Herb



It flashes suddenly like lightning, there is the path where a miracle passed, don't let it get away.
you need to be sober in business, but keep yourself high, don't let down your dream, but never
choose to live with your dream.
stop your idle prattle, don't waste your time, stay calm and dance on the wind.
funk is an aesthetic for those who make moves, there's only one chance for the 101th among 100.
this scene where the soot of pressure chokes you, no matter how fast you move, the calendar never moves backwards.
remember the days of hardship and humiliation, fully peonged attack 'cause this may be your only chance.
those who can bare the next era have gathered, no wonder this place has such rousing heat.
adieu, your turn now, i'll be watching you brother to see if you shine.
when i compare myself to you when i was your age, i was not able to see all the possibilities you
are seeing now.
i say fortunate and fame are shady, i'll teach you what that means when you grow up and catch me up.
The plan you have told me about triumphantly, is like a sickly sweet pie.
i know you are afraid of dark places, i'm sorry but i can't waste my time any longer with your
cheap sense of solidarity.
a true brother who cn deal with me one-on-one, is somebody who is always at the forefront of advancement.
if you wish to be protected from degenerating seasons, spend a little time alone in silence.
use your head, how many cards do we hold against our chests? constatly think that your opponent
has one more.
there's the possibility of failure in everything, but don't you worry, just remember to keep your
head down when you succeed.
the two from "chop" are the most successful from the class of sapporo46, who forcibly got themselves
out of living from hand to mouth.
"straight up" proved to have clairvoyance, big up to hokkaido, we are the gold diggers.
'cause we are from the same generation, we see clearly that our competitive spirit swallows up jealousies and greed.
in high speed, a dead heat of passing and getting passed, let us be like this forever.
There were many nights that are remembered as legendary, "wonder" and "precious" with only the regulars staying on.
"soul cop", "al's bar". "ghetto" and "wall", they have all but buried sapporo's solid gold pride.
consequently, all the radio stations in town, never had understanding only collusion.
martyr-like pioneers jave discovered their values in an early morning session in the basement.
continuation, is just another from of battle, i learned that lesson from "old crow" and "long run boxer".
and the "bourbon brothers" of nightly overdose, a toast at 10 in the mornig is not unusual here.
the men who live with a spirit of chivalry instead of profit, will be talked-about for generations,
respectable big shots.
let me dance on top of your isolator, and proudly introduce myself as sapporo's new face.
at least until i grow up to be your age, there is no excuse for us to stop here.
the field that they once cultivated, has spread all over the world, and now blue bloom.