100 Monkeys

You look so good, you look like Jello
oh, me and you could get down, if it were yellow
yellow jello, me and you, we would make quite a pair
people would stare and they’d dare to ask whats up with that
I said jello, lets get some yellow jello and mellow
we could be bed fellows, yeah
You and me, we’d be so slippery,if we were covered in jello
yellow jello, you and me, we’d look like quite a scene
when we walked about on the street, covered in jello
yellow jello, we could be bed fellows, covered in yellow jello
yes, you and me, we wouldn’t mellow
watch the television, yes some kinda show
any kinda show, you know, that makes us jello
that makes us yellow, yellow jello
you like jello pudding pops
well, I do too

100 Monkeys

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