Tomorrow will bring a voice and a new sun that opens the heart
without faith fight for the exchange to arrive after dark.

I saw it clear before firing between the whistles bullet with my name
and the impact on my skin and not infrequently I have glimpsed the
moments that shaped a day apart of my life and who understands
me who can see the light beyond the who knowingly sells to all the
evil that abounds and wondered if the end of existence is that some
call this tomb I'll teach the world and in this second I had a dream.

And since opening up the sea between Africa and Gibraltar walks
quietly through the waves that seeks the welfare and it is so normal
for this channel we will never separate us over and saw the guns
silent souls not to shoot and finds it easy to love in places where the
moose man one voice and where hunger does queue and where a
hello is goodbye to the slums in Angola and give no words will never
end at gunpoint where judges themselves do not control a market
liberalism that drowned the balloon with theft and euphemisms I saw
signs of change in the legacy they have left to those who come for
that because I know they have the courage to alienate not see the
gesture of a kid all the rage that can change the sap pa magic
pervades reforest save the people joined in the final revolution where
it makes sense a shift toward globalization my only homeland is the
planet's goal is to wake up every restless mind that is hungry and
can not find options that you are millions who are weary out there
waiting to see the dawn without a border that question I need you tell
others raised their paddle some raise their fist I plasmo in my book
because there is no greater mistake than silence screams so they
prefer to see an end to foot live on your knees.

Tomorrow will bring a voice and a new sun that opens the heart
without faith fight for the exchange to arrive after dark, this is my
dream a new world that is the reason that drives me to continue I
hope we still build looked straight ahead and building bridges and
becomes stronger every step.

Tell them let them know you do not walk alone in my dream I saw
burn their symbol drop his bowling that among all you could tell who
is in his eyes his eyes will be mine and see the pores reborn wolves
in sheep's clothing will fall if you were there if you claim you love a
planet on fire ever to win the fabric will remove the mask and Obama
Mckein most hate the tyranny of their programs if they knew I've
seen in town ready devoid of deceit of a Christ who came to save
and never saw the birds and animals take the sky high esfermun free
smile without asking nothing at first and no longer exist and people
are equal and evaporated evils being given new ideals rival union in
cultural differences and late rice-dime bestial exploitation which I I
had a dream where there's innocence and calling for resistance not
choke on any belief in the ignorance in this decline and lecturing on
the difference in the end brought nonviolence saw the essence of
mother earth alive and breathing quietly in the end everyone saw the
punishment and abuse and that the cultivation of love is crucial
because evil is reactive to be alive and will return to you the negative.

Tomorrow will bring a voice and a new sun that opens the heart
without faith fight for the exchange to arrive after dark.

I had a dream and I've seen races embraced again I had a dream
and the world reborn and I had a dream start and I've seen to
threaten the chance to sail but hope to a world capable of moving I
had a dream .. .
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