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[Intro: Ludacris]
{*dial tone, BEEP*} Hey, this is Luda, okay?
Look, I need you to do me a huge, favor
Umm, c-can you please take your name, off of your phone?
Umm, my-my girl went through my cell phone
and uhh, she may be calling you
So, so if you can please take your name off of that and
And-and just have it as-as a number on the voicemail, okay?
You gotta do this for me, huge, quickly!

[Chorus: Ludacris]
So I'm just sittin in this rehab class
Tryin to get myself unhooked on ass
So then my teacher asked me a question
Like "Ludacris, are you over there sexting?"
Ha ha, O-M-G, L-O-L, K-I-T
Smiley faces, X and O's, L-M-F-A-O

My girl went through my cell phone {*4X*}
I said my girl went through my cell phone
My girl went through my cell phone {*2X*}
Damn, my girl went through my cell phone

So I'm gettin treated for my sex addiction
In a private clinic
and I need you to be sensitive 'bout my condition
Cause I'm in it to win it
and I really don't wanna further disappoint my fans
And my teacher's a cougar
so I wish she'd lend a helpin hand, a helpin hand
Damn! Calm down, B-B-C
T-X-T a M-S-G
After class, come with me
And can I get a little bit of T-L-C?
She reply, "What the f***?
F-Y-I you're gonna flunk
S-M-H, it's such a shame
You ain't learned a damn thang"

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[Ludacris - over Interlude]
{*dial tone*} This is huge, okay?
I need you to do this quickly
She went through my phone, she might be calling you
So just take your name off and have it as a voicemail
Do it now!
So I'm sittin at the crib
just chillin and I'm mindin my business
Got a text with a tongue out
from a number I didn't recognize, I replied "Who is this?"
Quick back got a hit back
Said, "This is Stacy and I been missin you
Had to change my number so I went and got a new phone
and a new tattoo" - a what? A new tattoo? Wow!
Aww yeah, hurry quick
Can you send a nasty pic?
So I can see right where it is
And I promise I won't show my friends (yeah right!)
She replied, "Well okay
B-T-W, by the way
S-M-H, it's such a shame
that you ain't learned a damn thang"

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[Ludacris - over Interlude]
{*dial tone*} This is huge
I need you to take your name off of the voicemail
You gotta do it for me NOW, quickly!

So I pull up to the club
stuntin in a yellow Lamborghiiiiini
Half bent, black tint
Five percent make it a little hard to seeeeee me
Stepped out, fresh out
Headed straight for the do' on into the V.I.P.!
Next thing I got a text from a freaky Latina
sayin "Is that you I see? Is that you papi?"
So I B-B-M'd, abbreviate
Yup and before the night gets too late
Let me hit you with a little Q&A
Can I tap that ass? T-T-A!
She replied, "It all depends!
It's me plus one, can I bring my friend?"
And all I could think was it's such a shame
that I ain't learned a damn thang


My girl went through my cell phone {*3X*}
.. I said my girl went through my cell phone
.. My girl went through my cell phone
Damn, my girl went through my cell phone

[Outro: Ludacris]
{*dial tone*} Look, I told you she's onto us
We probably only have about 24 more hours to live
I'm fearful for my life, and I think you should be fearful for yours
I mean, do you wanna have sex just once more?
Just c'mon, just let me get it in the hole one more time
Hole in one, quickly
It'll be huge, huge, trust me
I think we should do it, I mean we're gonna die anyway
Why not, you know? Heh, LUDA!




©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR




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