Deep Insight

Letra de la canción

Another sunday afternoon
I close the windows it's getting cold
Recalling my agony
I see I hurt you and made you cry
Every thought is a thousand knives
And each one will kill me inside
Why is it so hard to say yes?

If I could say the words I need you
Cause I really really really do
I could forget about the things I've done
And give my life to you
And if I ever go back again
I know that you would stay
By my side
Through the end of my days

As I'm floting around in this emotion
That I can't describe
It was only a fraction of my life
When I chose to be alive
You came from the sky
And stroke me down
Waked me up to realize
That I was your child

Letra añadida por: Valentyne

Deep Insight
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