A Song For Xx
en inglés

Ayumi Hamasaki

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A SONG FOR XX es una canción de Ayumi Hamasaki.


A Song For Xx (en inglés)

Why am I crying? Why am I lost? Why
what stopped me? Please tell me volvere When adult? How long
will remain as a child? From wherever they come
running, tell me how far can run?

He had found a good place
I did not know if able to achieve the future

I always said I would be a strong girl
I praise, telling me I was strong when he was not crying
He did not want to tell me those words
And so, pretended that he did not understand anything

Why are you laughing? Why are you with me?
Why did this away from me? Since when you were strong?
Since when you feel weak?
How long have to wait for the day that I can understand everything?

Does the sun is born, you see? I want to go, go, I can not always in the same place

Some day would come all these people you have entrusted
And I would feel equally rejected
At that time, had no such forces at any place
Surely, he knew the views of all other

Always said it was a strong girl
I praise, saying it was strong when not crying
Most people told me that
So it was anxious, instead of smiling

He was born one
Live alone
And with hope
I thought that one day everything would be better.