Vocaloid 2


At the end of the artificial paradise
Deep, deep in the bottom of the earth
I am fated to sing prayers
All alone

From the past that had nowhere to go
I weave voices going round and round
At the edge of the repeating history
I dedicate myself to the fate

Not knowing anything, I've been continuously singing
For the whole of my life
A song for the sun, a song for rain
A gentle requiem
At the end of the road to the paradise
Warm hands were offered
But couldn't reach me


Sing forever...


At the distorted bottom of the dying world
I am fated to sing prayers
With the gentle voices sleeping in the forgotten past
As I change my despair to a smile
I sink to the bottom of tears


At the end of the desperate paradise
I seek the lost voice
I am fated to wander
From street to street, further and further away

In the shadow of the closed history
I long for the stolen days
The voice that echoes in the depth of my heart is agonized by suffering
My wish doesn't reach to the everlasting paradise
It is distorted with voices and keep vanishing away

I wanna make sure the sound of your warmth with my hands,
Not hesitating to get hurt

I will fight...

I'll take the life of the roaring voice
Let it write and sleep to the end of the world
If I can't reach you after dissolving light,
Then I'll just finish off this artificial paradise
With my own hands


Please sing...

[Len y Rin]

I pray to protect for the bright world
Where everyone can smile
(I fight to to put an end
I saw you crying alone)

A song of hope of light to tomorrow
Giving my life to it, I sing vigorously
Let my voice float with wind till I die...
(A song of despair of shadow to bury the past
Your existance stolen from me, your voice ceases
A sink for the never-ending rain till I die...)


History repeats itself...

All voices encounter light and lead to shadow
As the repeating history...


The thumping sound of the infinite world resounds
To declare the end
All lives end and grow back
Again in paradise of light and shadow
Let my wish reach there...

Vocaloid 2

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