Creep You Out del álbum 'Understanding the Brobecks'

Creep You Out

The Brobecks

La canción 'Creep You Out' se estrenó en 2003. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Understanding the Brobecks

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Bad reception
Everywhere I go
Round my back door

Wanted try you on
Wanted to try you out
Don't tell my mother
She might freak out

I was running through your drawers
Hoping you would not bust through the door, baby

Sarah, would it be alright
If I came to you,
Came to you at night

Keep it down below
No-one has to know

Could you shut those doors
I want to try your clothes

With my band by my side
We're finally in
Seeing all the merchandise
Let us begin (begin)

Game is over now
I guess I'm done
There's more than one

Did I creep you out?
Did I creep you in?

You don't hate me now
It's who I am

Finally did it but we're under arrest
I'm sorry friends but, this one's a mess

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