Javier Jofré

Letra de la canción

I don't know your truth
I don't know your soul
All I want is to feel you

I don't know your lies
I don't know your name
You and me in a secret affair

It's all about love
It's all about games
Don't pretend to be innocent

There's no place to hide
There's no time to explain
So I'm stepping to you, girl

Don't throw me away x3
I need somebody to love x4

I don't know your face
but I'm loving your book
Tell me how can I resist to you

The lights will be off
I'm ready to break
So I hope you feel the same

The bomb will explore
I'm ticking away
Two heartbeats won´t be unhurt


Let's be without pretentions
Don't leave, please of my world

Letra añadida por: Emma..

Javier Jofré
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