Behind The Stage del álbum 'A Little Bit of Mambo'

Behind The Stage

Lou Bega

La canción 'Behind The Stage' se estrenó en 1999. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco A Little Bit of Mambo


Lou: Thank you, Thank you thank you thank you thank you very much. Very very
much. It's been a pleasure playing for you. You were hot...yeah you were. You
were sexy...yeah, you were. But please find your way home safely. Bye Bye!
See ya! Oh, what a show! Let me get a shower first.

(Footsteps running)

Man: Mr. Bega, Mr. Bega you you you cannot go the people want more. Please
play only one more song. Please Mr. Bega.

Lou: Oh yeah? I don't see nuttin wrong with it but my band left already so
there's no support for me.

Man: Eh! Oh, ha ha ha I can fix the problem I fixed it already. Ha ha ha.

Lou: Yeah

Man: My brother, he'll support you. He's a funky funky salsa band. He's the
best salsa band in the whole wide world. Believe me, when I say so I say so.

Lou: So when you say so you say so? When I say so you say so? ok But listen,
I'm the mambo king not no salsa king.

Man: You too, Mr. Bega. I know I know.

Lou: All right! You convince me I do. I'll try my best.


Lou: ok ok ok ok give me all you've got. You play salsa I'll sing mambo.

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