Canción 'Money' del disco 'Ladies and Gentlemen' interpretada por Lou Bega

Money Letra

Lou Bega

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MONEY es una canción de Lou Bega del año 2001, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Ladies and Gentlemen.

Letra 'Money'

Money, oh money
Be my baby, drive me crazy
Money, oh money
Wanna hold you, just like I told you

Every morning I wake up by your side
Oh my feeling is so strong I cannot hide
I wan't to hold you every second that I live
And when you ain't next to me I get possessive
You make me happy and you buy me things
Cars and chicks and diamond rings
All the stuff that is blinkin'

Some people say that money isn't everything
I tell them no, look, you also need a diamond ring
And a ton of gold and a lot of shares
Your honey wants a private jet ?
Man who cares
You satisfy me and you turn me on
And that is why I sing
This song
My dream is to own a money money factory

Money money money
Gimme gimme money
Money money money
Gimme gimme money

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