Canción 'Anónimo' interpretada por Shinoflow

en inglés


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ANÓNIMO es una canción de Shinoflow.


Anónimo (en inglés)

Anonymous ..
Windows had things to say
I forgot to sign the letter

Still ..
My letter betrays me
My voice, my syntax, my spelling
Everything is painted something
That even my minimum is particularly
and that ..
makes me lose the ability to be anonymous

What do you say to another face and another voice?
Anonymous knows no fear or shame
is invincible
although it may lack confidence

Sometimes I thought
anonymous to show you
to treat without all those judgments you drag
with all that is signed with my name
like starting from zero
deconocerme ..
to really know me then
and I think
Many people never get to know me
if I do not know first ..
never ..