Here we go again, chapter two, turn another page
I'm walking in the rain, paint a smile upon my face
Cause I won't let the spotlight see the heartbreak in my lovelife
When the laughter starts to fade, all the drama takes center stage
Strike up the band, bang a drum like the beat of my heart
You left before the end, before our story had a chance to start
When you step into the disco, leave your problems at the front door
You know, the world don't have to end, long as the DJ records spin

This is the main event, are you ready
Just let the music dance into your soul
Faster faster, exhileratin'
Just let the rhythm make you lose control

Until they say last call, or somebody says your name
I'm gonna keep on dancing, I gotta dance away the pain
I won't let love bring me down, you won't see me cryin on the dance floor
No, I won't let love bring me down, you won't see me cry
You won't see me cry, never see me cry, never see me cry...

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