Letra de la canción

Oh my god is can’t
Its 12 o’clock again
I have to god and feed my inner daemon
The sun is shinning bright
But that’s jus blind mans Light
What i know isn’t for human consumption
I go down my hole
My road to salvation
To get my realese
Play my psycho roll
Can’t stop (my) salvation
Must find my pace
Now i know i can
My favourite “me” again
Can’t stop to feed my inner daemon
The sun has turned to night
The monster won the fight
What i do isn’t for human compsumption
I go down my hole
My slaughter obligation
To get my release
Neeed my psycho roll for mental masturbation
Rest in peace
Rip out your fuking guts and eat them with beans ontoast
Rip both your eyes out good and dip them in still warm blood
Rip off your stupid head and Spread your brains on slabs of bread
I’ll Cook you in my pot
I’ll eat you faster than you’ll rot

Letra añadida por: ManzanaMaldita (#22.638)

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