Mario runs Today energetically
It's going to save Princess Peach
Mario runs Today energetically
Today, the jump in energy

Energetically currencies today are looking for
Today Mario moves ...
Take a deep, becomes Super Mario
Take a flower turns into Fire Mario

Although defeated Goombs,
Koopas Trooper and Mr. Helmet

Mario will always be strong and healthy ...

The fungi have been dispersed
by a curse and normally
Princess Peach would be able to fix
about that, but
Princess Peach has to bear the burden
to be imprisoned
in a distant castle
"Ah, she dreamed of peace time and wanted
see the time "

Mario is coming today to help
Princess Peach to bring peace again
the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario runs Today energetically
A travez of the 8 worlds Bowser's house
Mario runs Today energetically
Today the energy jumps

Today the energy currency search
Today Mario advances
Take a star, it sounds like invincibility
Go quickly to help Peach!

Although defeated the Lakitu,
Spiny Cheep Cheep and

Mario will always be strong and healthy ...

Mario runs Today energetically
Castle Fireworks
lit again

Agile dodging
Hammer Brothers
Mario ending battle

It's been a long journey, but is about to end
Yay, Yay! Bowser is defeated

Princess Peach says "Thank You"
Mario's heart expected
biggest thing

Even if the adventure of Mario
term here
Mario's Dream
never end!
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Vocaloid 2

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