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Pointless nostalgic - Letra

Jamie Cullum

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'Pointless nostalgic' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Pointless Nostalgic.


Ain't thinking 'bout love today
Lost in the sunlight
Walking down memory lane

Ain't think 'bout you today
People from the past that I knew
Are slowly slipping away
Seems so long ago
Since we were carefree

Photographs lost in time are all I see
A pointless nostalgic-
That's me
That's me

Thoughts running round me head today
Times from the past pooping up where they're from I don't know
Reminiscing my cares away
Wishing I could go back and change the points that were low
Till I've realised what life's meant to be

Photographs lost in time are all I see
A pointless nostalgic;
That's me
That's me

It's all I'll ever be
Coz that's me

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