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Maybe someday you will return to this place
Where you and I kiss without control
Then you think of where I be
What shall I do think, and if you love someone

And I'll be thinking of how to get
This weekend Pana without spending much
And is coming to celebrate
another weekend
No one to call

Then you shall go it is time to study
It will be time for coffee
Walk without thinking and give the place
Where you and I kiss without stopping

Remember when you filled the moon
In your eyes wishing that they would not say that
Dreaming standing in place
Until a patrol
I said that I should continue

I'll get coffee, espresso ask
And I have to invite my friend Solitude
And with it, think about where you have to be
What will you do if someone think and love
And if you love someone
I must continue to patrol
... And if you love someone

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