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Total Drama

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BABY es una canción de Total Drama.



Harold: You might think I know it all
And maybe I'm headin' for a fall
I'm just that brainiac guy
Left alone to sit and cry:
I have some questions for you first
Take some time to school me
Quench my thirst....for knowledge
Cause, Gosh!
I just gotta know....
How'd you get so hot?
Trent and Justin: Baby
Harold: You're so smokin' hot
Trent and Justin: Baby
Harold: My physics know-how ain't got a hope
Of explaining why your butt's so dope
Trent and Justin: (Baby, Baby)
You bend my space time continuum
Trent and Justin: (Baby, Baby)
Then you shake what your mama gave you-em
Trent and Justin: (Baby, Baby)
I don't even hardly know my name.
Trent and Justin: (Baby, Baby)
'cause when you walk in the room
Nobody lookin' the same.
Trent: Baby!
Justin: Baby!
Harold: Baby! (beat boxes) Gosh! (beat boxes)
Geoff: Uh, you think we might need to get some security out here?
Blainley: Marry me, Justin! (faints)
Harold: Alright!
I demand a scientific investigation
To whether you're even from the human nation
I swear you're changing my molecular structure
With all your sexy ions
You make my heart rupture!

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