Nami Tamaki

Letra de la canción

The voice of the wind grows farther and farther away, a
tiny seed is born
I spread my still-pale wings and soar to the sky
Climbing the rainbow, crossing the clouds, the map-less
journey of the light
Discovering the wind, discovering the rain
These wings are stained, but all I want to do is fly away
from this place
So I call out to the pulse of the world

I'm releasing this feeling I once embraced into the world
It flutters downward, you feel like a precious rose
One flower that blooms in an ocean of sand

That flower doesn't wither even under the glaring sun
I travel down the road from here, my footprints leading
to your precious light
This sand cloud's color is becoming stained
But where is the real thing?
I raise my voice and touch the hand that reached out to me
The eyes of this miracle take on an unimaginable shape

From your answer, I feel the warmth nestling in
I'm glad I believed, my eyes suddenly brimmed with tears
Two flowers overlapping over time

The existence of water and fire sinks into the earth
and glows on
Because we'll keep our gaze until that flower dies
This wish from the sky is coming - Precious rose

Letra añadida por: dandey2052

Nami Tamaki
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