Just Friends - Miranda Cosgrove

Just Friends

Miranda Cosgrove

Letra, canción


'Just Friends'

give you my heart
written in a song
and you told me is not the time
the dream was fulfilled
but neither just
let the time decides
I did not say goodbye
I wanted to go with you
although it is not easy to remain silent
so I'm not away on your side is me
and now I pay the price
and not being able to see
feel your lips and
to touch your skin

if just friends
if I accept my fate
because I can not live without you
I will keep by your side
ire always carefully
until you feel something for me
seguire in your way, you
and time will tell whether we are just friends

Your eyes say yes
your lips say no
do not ask me who understands
that are very well how are you
then call me
the inspiration I close the door

that between songs
broke his heart
looks like love is not perfect
you do not forget me
I will not forget you
change the end of this story
to see and not being able to feel your lips and touch your skin


and if time will tell
I think I'll sleep for a hundred years
and only time will tell
to feel your kisses on waking
and only time will tell
every night you'll be in my dreams
and only time will tell ....


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