'California' de Never Shout Never (Indigo)

'California' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Indigo.


Oh my god, I.
Had the most amazing time
last night,I dreamt I saw you again
Thats when the flashbacks started to begin..

They started slow,
But they picked up fast,
So I got off my ass, And
I ran away.. to Californ-i-a

Oh My god I,
Shouldve never let you leave
My side should have never
Left you alone, It probably
seems like i'm never coming home

But I'm so lost,
Living life fast,
Please get off
your ass, so
I Wont waste
Away in Californ-i-a

Just so you know,
I'm never coming home
I'm having a great day..
In Californ-i-a


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