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Total Drama

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A CHINESE LESSON es una canción de Total Drama.


'A chinese lesson'

Chris: A little Chinese lesson for you, manman chi means
enjoy your meal.
Everyone (except Sierra and Courtney): Manman chi, it's
no raw deal.
Cody: Is it roasted eel?

Chris: Manman chi means bon appetite.
Everyone (except Cody, Sierra, and Courtney): Manman chi,
what do we have to eat?
Heather: It's still moving its feet!

Chris: Manman chi, it's dinner for four.
Blaineley, Alejandro, and Duncan: Manman chi, we've got
room for more.
Duncan: I think I'm nearly done for.

Chris: Manman chi, don't get the squirts.
Blaineley and Alejandro: Manman chi, we'd rather eat
our shirts!
Heather: Wait, stop!

Blaineley and Alejandro: (off-key) Manman chi, man,
man, chi.
Chris: They love to eat on the Yangtze. Manman chi,
man, man, huh?
Blaineley and Alejandro: (both vomit)
Sierra: Cody's in first class with me, and my love-me tea!

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