I'm Addicted To You - Nana

I'm Addicted To You


Letra, canción


'I'm Addicted To You'

Step back!
I'm the Queen of the night
Everybody gets down on me
It feels so good to be a bad girls.

Here comes my prince. He is so hot!
Your skin, your lips, your body
I am so crazy about you

*1 My gosh you seduce me
Baby, hold on to my precious body
Darlin' please satisfy my filthy desire

*2 Burn my eyes, Burn my blood
Burn it. everything you want
Break my heart. break my love
Baby stab me with your knife
Kiss me, feel me
Oh I don't want you to stop
Watch me, taste me
I'm addicted to you

More deeper, more harder
Your heart is pounding on me
It feels so good to be a girl

Tell me is this a dream
Don't wake me up forever
Take away pain with your gentle kiss

*1, *2 repeat

*2 repeat

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I'm Addicted To You



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