Canción 'A Higher Place' del disco 'A Higher Place' interpretada por Born Of Osiris

A Higher Place Letra

Born Of Osiris

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A HIGHER PLACE es una canción de Born Of Osiris del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco A Higher Place.

Letra 'A Higher Place'

Born into this skin
And made to walk before my wounds heal
Begin to start - to start to question
And make a new point of view

After all this suffering
You will bleed
You will see that the blood is clean
Put this up now just start over
Efforts to change our ways dead and broken
Can't stop what we have started
It's clear to me that this is over
It's over

The last one left to see this through
Here now we stand in peace and gratify

Lost in pain and made to wait
For everything you will be
Believe in nothing
F*** the obscene
And remain
And it feels like we're going nowhere so let me
take you to a higher place
I've seen this, this action
That made you hard to believe in
Stealing the truth ripped from inside

Why should I look at my situation unsatisfied?
Next thing i see wont be a surprise

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