Homemade Disaster

Letra de la canción

i go to my bed
and i see a freak
this freak
looks like my fears

the time is running
and i am sleeping
here i am not human
what am i so??

i forget who i am
becouse this breaks my mind
and dream with that place
where´s don´t need hide my face
now i can see the best way
but just for today
now i think in my pride
but the freak decide

just one word
is the code
of the

it is time to wake up
and this fuc*** freak again

maybe only i can see
the things that my eyes show to me
in this moment i believe
that the fantasy it´s something more about us

but the fantasy
kills my fears
and let me
be myself

and don´t forget it
this little freak is just a
creation in your imagination.

Letra añadida por: chava =D

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