Kierra Kiki Sheard

Letra de la canción

He's the sweetest thing that i'll ever know
sweeter than a honey on a honey comb
sweeter than the day or love jones
instead of anything weak he made me strong

verse: he is a friend with love that is almost unheard
of (love from up above)
he is someone that is with me when i feel all alone
he is the sweetest thing (that is ever shown)
he is the sweetest thing (when i think of him, my mind
is blown)
he is the sweetest thing (he is the best friend that
i ever known)
he is the sweetest thing (when i think of him he gives
me a love song)


verse: he is a man in my life and he always makes things
right (yea we'd like to have it)
during my struggles and my troubles it seems like i
always fear (now i know he's near)
he is the sweetest thing (he gives me peace in the
midnight hour)
he is the sweetest thing (when i'm down, he lifts me
he is the sweetest thing (with his love, there ain't
no shame in my game naw)
he is the sweetest thing (the money or the fortuane
don't matter at all)

chorus 2x:
ad libs:

vamp: sweeter than the clowy skies, never knew and
don't know why
he rescued me from a sinful soul and made me whole,
made my life complete from the love you gave.
Repeat 5x: can't find nothin' better no, no there's
nothing bette
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: MaryEsther

Kierra Kiki Sheard
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