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I'll tell you a tale
So listen up to me
The story of a mighty man
Who's name was Hercules

So very long ago
In a very ancient land
He was born the son of Zeus
And that's how all began

When he was three years old
It was very plain to see
Hercules was stronger
Than a boy his age should be

As the years went by
He earned a lot of fame
Everyone in our land
Knew Hercules by name

When he ran a race
He always took the lead
No one else could match him
In his strength and in his speed

And with his bow and arrow
He always hit the mark
He won all his races
It was certainly no lark

Hercules was more than strong
The man was made of more than gold
Known for his heroic deeds
Courage and great bravery

That is my tale
The rest is yet to come
Hercules, the hero
Was loved by everyone

It was not a secret
And everybody knew
There wasn't anything
This brave man couldn't do

Letra añadida por: TaranWanderer (#404)

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