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I'm alone, so far from home
Lost in all my own misery
Everyone's out for something
But no one is out for me

Unless they're hungry
And want me to eat
Gotta be weary and fast on my feet
The world is filled with distrust and deceit
I gotta beware of each creature I meet
Now that I'm out, out on my own

I'm alone, I've lost my home
Oh, mama, I wish you were here
Everyone's out to get me
I'm feeling a terrible fear

Oh, mama, will I ever see you again?
You've been taken away to the world of men
Stuck in a cold steel pen
If I lose you now, what will I do then?
Now that I'm out, out on my own

All alone, and so far from my home
I don't want to be out on my own
Oh, mama, I'm scared
I'm alone

Oh, mama