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Letra de la canción

I looked in the water and what did I see?
A pretty young princess dressed so beautifully
I reached in the water to help pull her free
It was just a reflection, the princess was me

The castle's aglow, the music is playing
I must hurry up, everyone is waiting
This be a dream, but it feels so right
All I want to do is dance through the night

Dance through the night
'Til the morning comes
Dance through the night
'Til the morning sun
Peeks over mountains
And lights up the sky
Oh, why stop now
Let's dance through the night

I wanted to linger, I wanted to stay
I wanted to dance, forever and a day
But then I woke up and what did I see?
I'm no longer a princess, I'm just me

Letra añadida por: TaranWanderer (#404)

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