Megan McCauley

Letra de la canción

Nothing is a lie when it's pretending just a dream
Only expect in me it's made me dark more than it seems
I keep on searching for not exist addresses
This sing up of one last open of familiar places

I've been trying to long service
Through other rain
To keep myself drowning in a pour in pain
When everything seems to heal
Just seems to disappear
It all just holds me down
It makes me drown in every tear
I feel to eyes
Standing me and I know there's

Oh, Dark Angel watching over me
I can't see you in every tear I weep
She's the uninvited enterty
And made me so numb
To the feeling of help causing in

She's made it so own for me to get alone with my old mind
Now I can't trust the only place that always to dust
me blood all time
No matter how I scream in fight in every seems to end
But somehow with the life the truth just seems defend
And I hear the screaming all there

My eyes are closed deny can't see
Is talking just standing next to me
Is what I reality
I can't seem fine
Anything that won't remind me
Oh she's become my only
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: carlavrilskater

Megan McCauley
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