Here Comes That Sick Bitch Letra y Canción

Hardcore Superstar

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HERE COMES THAT SICK BITCH es una canción de Hardcore Superstar del año 2010, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Split Your Lip.


'Here Comes That Sick Bitch'

I get a little sentimental when I fall
I get a little too much
when you push me too far
don't you be sad
but I'm the best that you've had
ir hurts a little too much
and it got out of hand

I know it's so wrong
been there before
but I always want more
hope you can see
you don't matter to me
go set me free

oh no here comes
that sick bitch again
so put your guard up
because she wants a sick man
someday she will be your friend
then break you down again
my friend

You nail me to the wall
if I don't answer your calls
you say it aint easy
uneasy you are
I feel a bit sad
I know it's bad
you don't mean shit to me
that's what she said