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Welcome to burlesque


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'Welcome to burlesque' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Burlesque (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).


'Welcome to burlesque'

Show a little more, show a little less
Add a little smoke, welcome to Burlesque

Everything you dream off, but never can possess
Nothing’s what it seems, welcome to Burlesque

Oh, everyone who’s buying, put your money in my hand
If you got a little extra, (oh well), give it to the band.

You may not be guilty, but you’re ready to confess
Tell me what you need, welcome to Burlesque

You can dream of Coco, do it at your risk
The triplets grant you mercy, but not your every wish
Jessie keeps you guessing, so cool and statuesque
Behave yourself says Georgia, welcome to Burlesque

Oh, everyone who’s buying, put your money in my hand
If you wanna a little extra, well, you know where I am

Something better in the dark, just playing with your mind
There’s nothing in the days, that’s just for the bump and grind

Show a little more
Show a little less
Add a little smoke
Welcome to ……..Burlesque.

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Welcome to burlesque



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