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Wish You Hadn't


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'Wish You Hadn't'

It's MBLAQ and we are back again!

Please I wish you weren't like this

I definitely remember the day you stepped on me

How can you have such a different face

You spit out false words without hesitation so well

But why do I not hate you

My heart keeps on getting pulled towards you

Even the obvious lies are useless

I'm going back into your heart again

*If you loved me don't do this all lies

I know that we can't meet

If you cursed me then don't do this Go away

I know that there are no more words needed

U make me wanna love (x2) ( U U U U can say that again)

so make me wanna love (x2) ( U U U U U U U )*

I hope that I don't dream anymore

Don't create an illusion as if you know all of me

That means I'm not your plaything

Don't appear in front of me whenever you need something only

You make me repeat the same words everyday

I'm caught in the Looping of the wearisome repetition

Maybe you're seeing all of my inside that is like this

You're coming one step towards me again


Please I wish you weren't like this

I wish you were not like this

Just my pain a monster man in my eye rims

Maybe you know my pain tell me your honest words hidden
in the midst of

you sweet words

No more ripping throwing and letting out uh Don't do
this you look into my


If you've loved or held love for me Now erase everything
in your inside

from then


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Wish You Hadn't



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