Comando del diablo english lyrics

Gerardo Ortiz

Letra de la canción

The sign with my hands defend
I entertain myself so I like the work
with my horn and my grenade launcher
adjusted to the chest vest
I do what the boss
24-7 on the lookout for my loyalty is priority
so just get the tickets

actual handing me a list Diaro
of all those who have spent
either because they want to pay
We want jump or have betrayed us
Devil command over me
My weapon is a bit strange
and my methods of torture
is something I can not explain

as I'm explaining my pull
I will reveal some details
I was born allapor culiacan
My motto is kill and destroy the evil
one hundred blood porcierto Sinaloa
boots and hat are to me
resides in the city and mountains
and I sleep where I oscurese

I leave with you later
and a candle in honor wing death
I leave my name in the shadows
but in the run to find it
ami me fears even the devil himself
not encouraged to arrive to the front
and if one day I want to take
I rent a hot shot

Letra añadida por: tricter

Gerardo Ortiz

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