Lee DeWyze

Letra de la canción

Things like this don't happen to me,
Everything used to be so ordinary,
From the day that I met you everything's changed,
Feel like I'm dreaming with my eyes open wide,
Baby you make me feel so good inside,
Oh, what you've done to me it's kinda hard to explain.

Like standing in Times Square on New Year's Eve,
And no one is around,
Like looking up on a summer's day and seeing snowflakes falling down,
Like dancing on the Brooklyn Bridge by perfect candle light,
That's how you make me feel every time,
You say you're mine.

It seems like just yesterday,
That I didn't even know your name,
And now I can't imagine life without you here,
My dear.

What you do to me, it's something new to me, yeah,
What I'm trying to say is, every time you're near is..


And everyday feels like I'm falling in love with you again,
It gets better every time,
And the lights of the city they fall all around me,
They can't make me feel like this,
'Cause nothing compares to dancing with you on the Brooklyn Bridge.


Letra añadida por: IvanT

Lee DeWyze

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