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I lit,
To you I clouded.
Maybe put our dreams in this Love was way too Responsibility
Because I Hate You forgot that way
And although the look, I can not find it
Could avermelo said that day

Along with that "Adios"
I wanted to tell me
How to break that promise
How to love someone else
But the truth,
You do not want to know

I promised right?
"Take care of me until the 100 Years"
I had not thought that 101 years
Could go so fast
By saying this,
Forgive Deverdad
While I understand in my head,
My Heart Complaint
But I guess Asi Soy Yo

The only person who made me
The only person who saved me
I'm sure it was not dad
nor mother, nor does God
That is, I mean you

For example, if I marry another person
And we had a Son
Insurance within you, also your genes
Would have to be checkered
But if you're no longer,
Surely it would be boring
There'd be nothing better to do than
Wait until the Year 2085

Deverdad, Thanks for Everything up to now
and Deverdad Forgive me for everything so far
Now I'll wait, though you continue with life or not
Because this is the first promise I say Smiling

Along with that "Adios"
(The sky is beautiful and sad people)
I want to tell
(Purge the Transparency of Truth again
If esque There is a next time)
Along with this Thanks
(You're the one I want, I'm the one you want)
Forgive me
(On aver that only I thought it was important)
If configuration needs to put a name to The Love That Serious

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