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Letra de la canción

Frantic season blooms, always overflowing
the play repeats like that long time ago

When the ivy has secretly grown its roots
the view in my eyes passes silently by

I head for a place far away
leaving my memories as footsteps
it's not that I'm sorry
but I'm not particularly happy

There was no way at that short time
that I would find a meaning
only brightness
running through yesterday

It's like a merry-go-round going round
going round forgetting pain
I go ahead
still not knowing where to go

If you let me compare
the bright fragrance of a mature fruit
will quietly fade after colouring a season

Ivy will intertwine
body will rot away
the piece of memory will return to the soil
and a flower will grow again

Like a merry-go-round & round
I'll see you again in the spring

The flowers I should have loved
I didn't see then
pointing their heads in the sunshine now
gently smiling, going round & round

Twinkling in the fragments of memory
even tears and rain are swallowed in the sand

Hurry and go round
even if you're shattering
even if you're shredding your petals without bravery

Go round, hurry merry-go-round
without waiting for the next moment
even if life is flooding you

I'll see you again in the spring
I'll see you again in the spring

Letra añadida por: Nyu~

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