Lizzy Borden - Macabre

Lizzy Borden


Letra, canción


'Lizzy Borden'

Lizzie Borden axe murderess
In American folklore the term was synonymous
Se wake the maid who was napping in her bed
As Lizzie yelled to the maide, father is dead!

Lizzie Borden took an axe
Gaver her stepmother twenty whacks
While on the couch her father slept
She hacked him till no life was left

Her stepmother was hacked as she made the bed
With father on the couch nine axe wounds to his head
It seems that Lizzie would of had some motive
And time to destroy incriminating evidence


Lizzie's alibi was very weak at best
She was the mains suspect which led to her arrest
Then they charged Lizzie Borden with the axe murders
The slaughter of her stepmother and her father


And Lizzie Borden's trial was irrelevant
Because the evidence was insufficient
And even though she probably did it
Lizzie Borden was acquited