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Sadistic killer Joseph Vacher has long been forgotten
But compared to Jack The Ripper
Joseph's deeds could be more rotten
He joined the French army, but complaints from other men
Sent him to the doctors for some observations
He met a woman on sick leave that he had selected
Proposed and had a temper tantrum when he was rejected
Joseph shot the woman three times but she lived
He shot his head and lived and made his face repulsive

Thre ripper tramp from France
With his murder prance advance
Upon his innocent victims
Who never had a chance
The ripper rtamp from France
Was in an evil trance
Wandering around and killing
Whenever he got the chance

Joseph was committed to an insane asylum
They declared him cured in a year
Then they discharged him
So one month later he went out to fill his murder needs
Became a tramp and committed atrocities
He carried with him scissors plus a cleaver and some knives
And mutilated victims as he roamed the countryside
The doctors said that he was cured and so they set him free
Which allowed the ripper tramp from France to do his evil deeds


From 1894 to 1897
The repulsive drifting tramp killed and raped at least eleven
A woman gathering pinecones caught Joseph Vacher's eye
Her family heard her screaming or else se would have died
Her neighbors and her family subdued the crazy man
They overpowered Joseph and then dragged him to the inn
Soon after he confessed to a lot of murdering
They sentenced him to death and he was guillotined


Letra añadida por: Lince1928 (#282)

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