Already Gone de Robert Cray Band

Already Gone

Robert Cray Band


You're already gone
What's the use in even trying?

You busted my heart, baby
When I found out that you were lyin'

You don't have to tell me
I hear it in the way you talk
And you know it's killin' me
When you say that it's all my fault

But is it all on me?
All on me?
All me? ???

You're already gone
Ohhh, I was the last one to know
And, ohhh, I'm so ashamed, baby
I hear people whispering everywhere I go
(shame and sin)

I got these tearstains on my shirt
Won't dry out
And you know it's killing me
Say it's all my fault

Is it all on me?
All on me?
All on me?
All on me?

Did I misuse you, baby?

Have I ever mistrusted you, baby?

I always said that I loved you
I love you
I love you, baby
Yes I do

So why you doing me
The way you're doing me, baby?
I want to know

But you're already gone, yeah
Oh, I guess you gotta have someone to blame
(Might as well be me)

Since your mind's already made up
Go on, baby
I'll make it on past the pain
Yes I will

You think that now, baby
You're justified
And you know it's killing me
I hope you're satisfied

That it's all on me
All on me
All on me

You're already gone, baby

What's the use?
Somebody tell me

You're already gone, baby
Hope you're satisfied
Busted my heart, baby

(Guitar Outro)

You're already gone, baby

Oh, you busted my heart in
So many little tiny, tiny

Already gone

Found out that you were lying
Somebody help me

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