Lie Lie Die


Letra de la canción

Your mind, it slips cuz you’re getting old
And there ain’t no new chapter to unfold
In the book you’ve been writing all your life
The ending don´t seem right
It keeps you up at night
Oh it hunts you in your sleep

Lie, lie, lie, die, lie, lie, lie, die

But you remember the time, you were just a little boy
The Christmas tree, and the presents full of toys
No concern about when tomorrow comes
You and your plastic gun
It would protect you in your sleep
And problems left alone

Lie, lie, lie, die, lie, lie, lie, die

Somebody would come by just to say hello
A kind sir my sheep, before I go
As soon my heart can´t provide my body with blood
Now we´ll just divide
Slowly slip away
To an unfamiliar place

lie, lie, lie, die, lie, lie, lie, die,
lie, die, die, die, die, oh, oh, oh, oh

What a great surprise, what a great surprise
When you die die die die die

Letra añadida por: XaverAndeRod

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