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Sometimes You Just Can't Win

I won't take your pity, and I won't be ignored.
I don't want your money but I wouldn't mind to be adored.
I won't be forgotten, I won't be denied.
I won't be held guilty for anything I might've tried.

And there's no spooks around my door,
Paying my rent or sweeping my floor.
I never said things I never did mean,
Once or twice I've lied.

I've always been kind to women who have taken me in.
Sometimes you're a loser, sometimes you just can't win.

I can't live forever, I can't be blamed for trying.
I can't beg forgiveness just because you won't find me crying.
I won't want you thinking I'm a gutless man.
Street fights they don't scare me, I avoid them when I can.

And there's no doubt about it, it's a pointless age built with men among rage.
It's hard to be the saint when you steal the best lines someone else implied.

I never been one to talk much, I've just lived in my skin.
Sometimes you're a sinner, sometimes you just can't win.

I won't be a hound dog, I won't be a bust.
I can't compensate you for anything you might've lost.
I won't understand you, what's to understand.
You joined last night's choir, and me, I joined a band!

And there's no reason, just cold-hard facts,
Nothing's ever real and the truth just cracks.
I don't want this 'cause I've got mine,
And jealousy's not my style.

Someday I'll get bored and contemplate giving in.
Sometimes you're a loser, sometimes you just can't win.

Letra añadida por: LadyMadrid

The Fratellis
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