Samy Y Sandra Sandoval

Amor Prohibido
en inglés

Samy Y Sandra Sandoval


Amor Prohibido (en inglés)

I know I'm married, I have my children, I have a home
A husband who loves me fills me with happiness
But today came into my life a man makes me sigh cute
And while it's a forbidden love with the man I want to stay ....

When I'm with him ... I feel so happy
And bare my skin I feel the fire inside me
But I'm afraid, my sad reality because I'm married and I should not sin ... (Bis)
That man is ... what I love most
And for me ... All an illusion ... I am happy
Knowing that I have your so nice to make love (repeat)

Ayyy forbidden love ... is that we live ... But it does so better than my husband ... (bis)

A message to my husband ... I hope not to offend me
The other one fills a void and who does not learn ... (Bis)

That is the forbidden love ... we live ... but it does so
Better than my husband

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