Kt Tunstall

Letra de la canción

I am Katie
Sometimes they call me "ET"
Cause I am diferent from them

But I don't care
I am Katie
And I now very well that I am beautiful in my on way


I am Katie
I am like everybody
Cause I'm a human
But I'm more especial
I can dream with a million stars
I can love without measure
I'm sure yeah
Cause I am Katie and I love me the way I am
Yeah... Yeah....

Uh Uh
You think that you know me
Thats why you ignore me
But I am better than you
I am Katie Tunstall
Thats True
Oh Oh Oh

Chorus x3
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: mishmashjuli (#13.268)

Kt Tunstall
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