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Counting Out Time Letra


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'Counting Out Time'

Im counting out time,
Got the whole thing down by numbers.
All those numbers!
Give my guidance!
O Lord I need that now.

The day of judgements come,
And you can bet that Ive been resting,
For this testing,
Digesting every word the experts say.
Erogenous zones I love you.
Without you, what would a poor boy do?

Found a girl I wanted to date,
Thought Id better get it straight.
Went to buy a book before its too late.
Dont leave nothing to fate.
And I have studied every line, every page in the book,
And now Ive got the real thing here, Im gonna take a look, take a look.

This is Rael!

Im counting out time, hoping it goes like I planned it,
cos I understand it. Look! Ive found the hotspots, Figs 1-9.
Still counting out time, got my finger on the button,
Dont say nuttin-just lie there still
And Ill get you turned on just fine.
Erongenous zones I love you.
Without you, what would a poor boy do?

Touch and go with 1-6.
Bit of trouble in zone No. 7.
Gotta remember all of my tricks.
Theres heaven ahead in No. 11!
Getting crucial responses with dialation of the pupils.
Honey get hip! Its time to unzip, to unzip. Whipee!
Move over Casanova

Im counting out time, reaction none to happy,
Please dont slap me,
Im a red blooded male and the book said I could not fail.
Im counting out time, I got unexpected distress from my mistress,
Ill get my money back from the bookstore right away.
Erongenous zones I question you-
Without you, what would a poor boy do?
Without you, mankind handkinds thru the blues.

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